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Play Mindset: The Art of Giving Yourself a Break with Malia’Kekia Nicolini


Date: March 27, 2024

Start time: 07:00 PM EDT

End time: 08:00 PM EDT


How might we develop a Play mindset? And how might we integrate the feeling of Play in our lives in order to give ourselves a break from the daily grind? Join Malia’Kekia in an engaging 60-minute exploration into the fascinating world of Play. The Play mindset allows space for easeful buoyancy in a world that is often deadline facing. In this workshop, players will be guided through written exercises, playful activities, and group discussions that blend self observation, reflection, and bubble popping questions. Please bring paper, something to write with, colorful markers or pens, and an open mind and heart. Come prepared for possible breakout rooms and breath filled surprises along the way! We hope to see you there.


Malia’Kekia Nicolini – Presenter Bio:

Malia’Kekia Nicolini (‘O ia/She/They) received her inoa (name) traditionally from an inoa po (mother’s dream), inoa ho’ailona (symbol), and inoa ulaleo (ancestors voice). ‘O ia is an internationally touring performer, teaching artist, choreographer, artistic director, speaker, and gratitude enthusiast. Malia’Kekia is the Lead Trainer for the Northeast 1 Region of Narrative 4 and delighted to be joining the N4 Artists Network! Malia’Kekia is the Co-Founder of B4 The Other Creations which travels throughout the US and internationally offering professional development and educational residencies. B4’s intimate work is led through movement, not lecture, and grounded in a Pedagogy of Play. Most recently, Malia’Kekia co-facilitated the Black and Indigenous Futures Convening with Howlround Theater Commons and ArtsEmerson. As an interdisciplinary artist, ‘o ia weaves all their experience together to empower dreams and create beauty. BFA (Music Theater), MBA (Mindfulness in Business Practices), BIPOC Leadership (ArtEquity). www.b4theother.com




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