b"Our Strategic PrioritiesLearning Resources The N4 Artist Network The N4 Learning Module is content created byN4 Authors who use their own books to drive empathy and civic engagement in high school students. The authors make Writers and musicians break down barriers and shatter stereotypes every day bythe content of their book relevant to the curriculum so that it feels integrated and virtue of their trade. Artists have always played a central role in N4 programs and withinteresting rather than something new and an extra the launch of our new Artist Network we plan to bring the insight and influence ofburden for the students. The story exchanges are our artist community to a growing number of schools.woven into the module, which may be adapted byMargaret LaRaia, Learning Resources educators for their classroom. DirectorAuthor Ru Freeman is leading our efforts to secure a network of 300+ artists in theEducator Margaret LaRaia is leading the charge next three years. These artists will push change forward andto develop these modules which will be available revitalize classroom learningto download on our forthcoming digital platform,Margaret LaRaia connections, their inspirationalRu Freeman, Director of Artist Network educational with their extensive web ofaccessible to partner schools and educators. Theywill be developing work, and their physical andRu Freeman is an award- will, in turn, become a living document as educatorsmaterials to extend virtual classroom presence. Theywinning Sri Lankanand students alike respond to the work at hand. N4's work into a and American novelist,greater number will ignite a passion in students poet, editor, and critic, for connecting, learningof schools. A from one another and ultimatelywhose work appearsformer high school internationally and inteacher, Margaret helping them realize that every translation including inhas worked day is a new story, landscape, and the UK Guardian, andwith educators the New York Times.N4s education strategy will follow the momentum of theand researchers lesson with endless opportunities.She is the author of AStory Exchange by bringing the process of disciplinednationally and Disobedient Girl and Onempathy into all instruction and learning. We will honor Sal Mal Lane, a New Yorkwhere teachers are and help move them forward in their internationally to Times Editor's Choicepractice, creating community and learning resources develop research-Book, and the editor of thearound the latest research in student-centered instruction, based, student-I learned Tennysons Mort Dstanzas together this way: [] God fulfillsanthologies, Extraordinarysocioemotional awareness, civic engagement, childfor Heinemann and Arthur as acentered learning child and somehow wove lines from separate Himself in many ways/Lest one good customRendition: Americandevelopment and identity. Pearson. Margaret This work will depend on an interdisciplinary chorus of should corrupt the worldFor so the wholeWriters on Palestine andloves to learn from round earth is every way/ Bound by goldIndivisible: Global Leadersvoicesthe students who propose local legislation basedother peoples chains about the feet of God. I imagined thaton Shared Security. Sheon a community inquiry; the classroom teacher whothinking, brings a these chains represented many faiths thatteaches creative writinghelps students develop their own podcast to research andhighly collaborative nonetheless lead to the same place of solace.in the US and abroad.report on issues that matter to them; the researcher whoapproach to her This is also how I see the work of NarrativeHer new collection ofprovides a protocol for repairing broken teacher-studentwork, and is excited relationships; the district coach who knows the best small 4 which is rooted in the notion that there arefiction, Sleeping Alone,steps to help teachers shift from less effective to research- to help N4 generate innumerable voices that speak of different,is forthcoming fromproven instruction; and the artist who can provide authenticmore models of even divergent, journeys, that can be unifiedGraywolf Press.examples of living in the world with a global awareness. what living the story by one singular principle: generosity of spiritexchange can look By growing N4s community and maintaining our ethos of toward one another. I am ecstatic to join N4 aslike for teachers and collaboration, we will expand teachers and students vision of what is possible for themselves and others, moving from a we embark upon an extraordinary initiativestudents. to harness the unique power of artists to deficit perspective in US education to one of abundance. make empathy our first line of defense for generations to come.14 15 - Ru Freeman- Margaret LaRaia"