b'Our Growing Regional HubsAs we move from start-up to scale-up mode, weve hired six new regional managersEvan Barkerto accelerate our growth by increasing capacity for outreach to new schools andSoutheast Regional Manager "There are over seven participants. Our train-the-trainer model has helped us deliver our programs effectivelyEvan Barker began his career as anbillion people on this and efficiently and with the leadership of this stellar group of accomplishedorchestra musician before accidentallysweet earth, and professionals we are primed to dramatically increase our national growth.becoming a bookseller and then anwe have got to start English teacher, coming to N4 afterlearning to get along."Ashley Pinciaro, Northeast Regional Manager eight years in the secondary classroom.- Evan BarkerAshley Pinciaro is a lover of stories. As a child, she alwaysI believe there isHe believes that language is humanity\'s carried a book with her. As a student, she studiedpower in stories, and Igreatest achievement and hopes to spend his English, worked at Eudora Weltys home asam incredibly excitedwhole career propagating the word in the service it was being transformed into a museum,to work with theof understanding and peace. He holds a B.M. in and studied under Weltys biographer. SheNarrative 4 team to useViola Performance and a B.A. in English from Middle received her M.A. in print and multimediastories to build empathyTennessee State University and a M.A. in Teaching English journalism before she began workingamong students. Thefrom the University of Kentucky. He lives in Richmond, with non-profit organizations. For thestory exchange is anKentucky with his wife and two children.last eight years, she has worked in non- incredible tool that profit program management, managingallows people the chance to see the world staff teams, recruiting, training, and retainingthrough someoneLeslie Grovervolunteer leaders, and growing established non- elses eyes, and I amSoutheast Regional Manager Theres an African profit programs. She lives outside of Boston with herexcited to work in theLeslie is certified in Communityproverb, Walk like you husband and two children. Northeast to developStorytelling, Story Exchange Facilitation,have 3,000 ancestors more partnerships,and Narrative Medicine.She is awalking behind you. giving more peoplecommunity-based participatoryI\'m excited to work Ta Schroeder, Pacific Northwest Regional Manager an opportunity tofor N4, because not Ta Schroeder is so excited to join the Narrative 4 Team as theexperience the impactresearch expert, and she works withonly do I get to work Pacific Northwest Regional Manager. Having recently workedof Narrative 4. local communities to conduct research,with my ancestors, as a volunteer manager at a major STEM learning center in- Ashley Pinciaro organize community-based researchbut I also get to meet California, and a Peace Corps representative in ruraldesigns, and create programs. She is a writerthe ancestors of others Paraguay, she is looking forward to bringingand enjoys reading. An avid scholar-activist, herthrough stories, shared her outreach, volunteer retention experience,If anything, thework is widely published on issues associated withexperiences, and and love for listening and learning to therecent election showshealth disparities, community polarization, and vulnerablethe work of building team. Ta graduated from the Universitythe importance ofpopulations. Though she is a native of the Mississippi Delta,community together. of Wisconsin in 2016 with a degree inbuilding empathy inshe currently lives in Baton Rouge with her amazing sonI hope to accomplish Zoology, Environmental Studies andour nation, and thereEthan, and her two awful cats, Menou Earl and Miss Girl. a more empathetic African Studies. Her education, crazyis no better way toand connected world hiking adventures, and obsession withaccomplish that onthrough story with this storytelling podcasts is what led her tothe ground than bywork.Narrative 4.telling one\'s story and- Leslie Groverlistening to the tales of those around you".- Tai Schroeder16'