b'A Letter from Our Co-Founders2020 was, in so many ways, a year to forget. It annihilated time. More than once, wea lot faster. We said hello to virtual reality and felt meaningless: we were splintered, we were small, we did not matter, we wouldhelped educators find a safe place in a chaotic never connect, we should retreat, we should move forward, we were too silent, weworld. We said sorry when we canceled our werent loud enough, we were lonely, we werent alone enough, we were trying, wein-person summits, and yes to a Summer werent doing enough.of Impact, where we held literally hundreds of online events with thousands of people But there was also a faint echo of what others might call "an optimism of the will." participating. The "Summer of Impact" There was still a part of us that knew that every single move we made was significant.highlighted the transformative work of our Our masks were significant. Our aloneness was significant. Our hand washing, ourstudents, our educators and our artists with a breath, our nights at home, our days alone were all significant. Our paramedics,stunning array of events and campaigns. doctors, grocery workers, educators, delivery drivers, pharmacists, firefighters, grandmothers and fathersevery single life and voicewere significant. In so many ways, 2020 was a year of exponential growth. We began hiring, thanks And every story was significant. to some fabulous philanthropists that youll read about on these pages. And we continued In 2020, Narrative 4 began moving from start-up to scale-up. We all know that storieshiring. And we looked forward.And we transform the world. But we also know that stories work only when action is taken.dreamed. We brought on a new Chief Operating We at Narrative 4 believe that stories can propel action. And we also believe that ourOfficer; six new regional managers in the United work is more necessary now than ever. States, a manager of African operations, a learning resources consultant; and an Artist Network Director. At the same time, we In these pages, and words, and faces, you will find the stories that define our ownlanded on an older vision, newly enabled: we said we wanted to be in EVERY Narrative for 2020. We didnt change anything. We just leaned in further and movedSCHOOL IN THE WORLD. And, we will!What we do is impossible without you. But the impossibleeven as a wordcontains the possible. With limitless hope and even more determination,Lisa Consiglio Colum McCannChief Executive Officer President3'