b'Our Master PractitionersEvery story exchange is guided by a certified N4 facilitator.Gretchen PersonOur Master Practitioners (MP) train individualsAssociate University Chaplain, Associate to become facilitators in their classrooms,Director of Religious Life, Vanderbilt organizations, and communities. In addition,University, Nashville TNMPs go above and beyond by creating andI did a Google search for resources on executing Empathy into Action campaignsstorytelling, came across Narrative 4s website, in their home communities. and got in touch with Michael McRay, who was the Southeast Regional Manager of N4 at that Maru Castaeda time. He came to Vanderbilt University to meet High School Teacher and N4 Studentwith me, explained the N4 methodology, and led Ambassador Advisor, The Americana story exchange for students. Shortly after that, School of Tampico Mexico (ATS),Michael led a facilitators training session in which I Tampico Mexico participated.In 2015, following the Global Summit at Yale University, Lee Keylock visited ATS.Narrative 4s use of storytelling to build empathy and understanding is That year, all ATS high school studentsinvaluable. I have stayed involved with N4 because of the way that the experienced a story exchange for the firstmethodology helps to build connection and overcome barriers among people. time. Ive stayed involved because I firmlyThe shortest distance between two people is a story is a quote that has been believe in the power of the story exchange andattributed to a number of people; in any case, it points to an excellent way to that this world needs more people filled withbring people together!empathy and humanity.I think that the first story exchange with Vanderbilt University students was a At ATS we created a K-12 program where studentsfavorite of mine. That story exchange inspired the planting of the first seeds of engage in empathy-building activities and learn toolsthe student organization, N4 Vandy. Those seeds have grown into healthy little for deep listening. We end the year with an exchangedepending on their age level, it could be a drawing, object, or story exchange. This is the third year ofplants. Stories are being exchanged across campus that are helping to build the program and theres been a significant change in the student drive to becomestronger communities. Thank you, Narrative 4!better and to understand one another without judgement.Before the pandemic, our elementary and kindergarten students did an activity in which they expressed their feelings through Lego toys. And just recently, our high schoolers did a virtual story exchange with Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, the prompt revolved around the challenges of COVID-19. Despite the age difference, students were able to form a connection with one another. We should never doubt the magic of a story exchange and the big changes it can make in the life of a person. We are the story we write as each day passes. I firmly believe that working with little kids and fomenting a sense of empathy in them at a young age will flourish beautifully in the future. It will become part of them and this will lead to a better world, starting from their community, until it reaches the global level.20'