b'Our GlobetrottersThe N4 Globetrotters used to be a figment Our global student ambassadors, known as The Globetrotters, represent the youthof my imagination until August 2018. I community within Narrative 4, who aim to establish bonds with people of differentworked closely with Lisa and Kelsey to craft backgrounds to share empathy, understanding, connection, hope, and change for aa student committee that would positively help to craft empathy and expand N4 better tomorrow.across the globe. We started with 8, then grew to 14 and now we have 23 students. In 2019, the Globetrotters doubled in size (from 8 to 14) and had members whoI am so excited to see one of my dreams represented the United States, Mexico, Ireland, Israel and South Africa. This year, 32play out and watch this family of students students applied to become N4 Globetrotters and 24 were selected. Our goal is tochange the world each and every day.continue to increase the number of N4 student ambassadors around the world through the story exchange methodology.Katie Stumbo, Langley, KY, USANarrative 4 believes in the potential of youth toIts like being part of a family within a family. have impact on their communities, and with theEven though we dont see each other very often network of bright and powerful Globetrotterswe remain connected. By getting the opportunity from across the globe, we connect our schools,to be young leaders we are slowly but surely experiences and worlds together; we createworking our way towards creating a more a platform for real interaction through storybeautiful and empathetic future. exchange. We know exactly whats needed for Valeria Morales, Tampico, Mexicostudents from schools and colleges all around the world to engage because we are them. Malak Laham, Nazareth, IsraelBeing a Globetrotter to me is being given the opportunity to inform my generation of the impact of empathy and how powerful it is to connect with one another on a better level. Mercy Oyewo, Limerick, Ireland22 23'