b'"Where Im From Poems Our Virtual Field Exchange The Where Im From poetry project is a celebration of the lilt in our language, the loved ones who raised us, and the memories that shaped us. Students wrote The world drastically changed for all non-profit organizations in early 2020, particularlyindividual poems and then combined lines with those working with young people. In a COVID-induced, remote-learning world, Narrativetheir partners poem to create a blended portrait,an 4 organized a series of significant pivots in our approach, all designed to supporthomage to home.students and educators in these challenging times while maximizing our virtual impact.We kicked off our Virtual Field Exchange with a book club with Colum McCann, N4 staff, and field exchange students and teachers from University Heights HighKhareem, Adesuwa, and JohnnaSchool (UHHS) in the Bronx, NY and Floyd Central High School (FCHS) in Langley, KY. I come from a city that hustles, and grinds During the Q&A, Khareem from Universitynonstop. I am from a culture where the Heights High School asked Colum, "Youbest thing possible is to be yourself. I am mentioned how you received good andfrom a home where my sister sounds bad feedback, how do you use it to movelike 42nd street but is as beautiful as the onto the next chapter of life?"Rockefeller tree. -Khareem , University Heights High School, Bronx, NYColum replied, "How do we operate with Sarake and Emily I am from the loving hands of my Mamaw, the world when things go against us and who never had an easy life, but loved me as if how do we operate with the world when shed never known hate. I am from my Papaw things are going for us? We have to learnI am from two strict Nigerian who some days would walk to work, but at the to embrace the contradictions, the failureparents who came to America for end of the day was never too tired to play pre- embrace the light that is at the far end ofa better education for me and my the darkness." And thats exactly what wesiblings. I am from long net spong-tend with his granddaughter. did.es and big gele head ties. I am from - Emily, Floyd County High School, Langley,KYa home where girls must learn how Empathy Eatsto cook and clean in order to be great.The Empathy Eats process was simple:- Adesuwa, University Heights High School, our Field Exchange students exchangedIm from the Bronx where theBronx, NYrecipes, cooked their partners dish, andtraditional breakfast is a bacon-shared their creations via a Shared_ egg-and-cheese on a roll with an Arizona or a Tropicana fruitI am from a God-fearing, Je-Studios portal. In celebration of this sus-loving momma. I am from project, we created the Empathy Eatsjuice of your choice. Im from the Bronx where everyone knowsa Sunday evening ride in the cookbook, available as a free download, a everyone (literally) and wheremountains to a chicken and collection of the delicacies and memories family is who you choose.dumplings meal at night. I am our students hold dear. From our tables from muddy work boots by to yours, We hope these meals satisfy your - Sarake, University Heights High School,the kitchen door. I am from a stomach and warm your heart.Bronx, NY strip miners hands. -Johnna, Floyd County High School, 4 Langley, KY 5'