b'2019 Financials Funder HighlightsNarrative 4, Inc. Trailblazing PhilanthropyStatement of Financial Position Narrative 4 is proud and humbled to have been supported by December 31, 2019 MacKenzie Scott and Chuck Feeney in 2020.The consolidated financial snapshot below includes the accounts of Narrative 4, lnc., and its Irish subsidiary, Narrative 4 Company Limited by Guarantee. We welcome all types of support, including scholarships, in-kind donations, airline miles and cash donations. Your generosity is the reason for these pages! (Tax ID: 81-3268195) Chuck Feeney and The Atlantic PhilanthropiesASSETS The Atlantic Philanthropies wereMacKenzie Scottfounded by entrepreneur Chuck Feeney, who decided in 1982 to Cash$657,343 In July of 2020, MacKenzie Scott surprised devote his wealth to the service of us with the news that Narrative 4 was humanity. None of the major American Accounts receivable7,069 one of 116 non-profits that would receive Contributions receivable298,121 philanthropists have given away awave of giving. The effort is a result of a portion of her massive $1.67 billion first greater proportion of their wealth, and Mr. Feeney did most of this in complete Intangible assets - trademarks7,349 her participation in the Giving Pledge secrecy, leading Forbes to call him which was originated by Bill and Melinda the James Bond of philanthropy. Other assets8,906 Gates and Warren Buffett as a way to He is known for a life of humility and publicly commit to giving the majority transparencyalways putting the Property and equipment, net1,972 of their wealth to philanthropy.Ms. Scott needs of others before his own. When 980,760 announced the gifts by saying, We looked asked long ago about the inspiration at 6,490 organizations, and undertook of his Giving While Living philosophy, deeper research into 822. She wrote, We LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Mr. Feeney said: I see little reasononly to identify organizations with high do this research and deeper diligence not to delay giving when so much good Accounts payable and accrued expenses209,052 can be achieved through supportingthe way for unsolicited and unexpected potential for impact, but also to pave worthwhile causes today. Mr. Feeney has donated over $8 billion in his gifts given with full trust and no strings lifetime. He recently wrote to the N4 attached. Because our research is data-co-founders, It is always gratifying to NET ASSETS driven and rigorous, our giving process learn that Atlantics investments are can be human and soft. Ms. Scott, who producing their intended results. This Without donor restrictions521,708 is a well-renowned novelist, often quotes With donor restrictions250,000 is certainly the case with N4. Atlantics"Anything you do not give freely and the American writer Annie Dillard: Total Net Assets771,708 funding was well placed. abundantly becomes lost to you.",Chuck Feeney and The $980,760 Atlantic Philanthropies, for paving theemotional gift to us , THANK YOU This is a wonderful financial and way by supporting us at a crucial time. THANK YOUMacKenzie Scott, for your innovative and for all that you do! artistic and philanthropic gifts.26 27'