b'Our Summer of ImpactWhile the pandemic prevented us from holding our annual Global Summit, we recognized incredible opportunity to engage with a much larger audience by hosting a Summer of Impact (SOI) virtual event series, designed to:Meaningfully engage with the unique and transformational social justice movement in the United States."Every moment in the grand march of history Present an array of eventsis sacred and exciting. But there is no moment designed to increase N4sas sacred and exciting as the moment of Now. visibility with a variety ofToday we can choose to remain calcified and audiences, especiallystatic and frozen in who we think we are, in administrators,old identities, in old models. Or, we can move educators andinto the creation of new languages of being, new structures of being, new ways of seeing students. into each others suffering and into each others beauty. Not only can we do these things, we Position N4 ascan save ourselves in the process, redeem our-the preeminentSummer of Impactselves in the sanctity of brother, sister, neigh-global experientialStats bor, planet, place, family.learning organization that- Darrell Bourque, N4 Artist and author of migraruses both virtual and traditional tools to foster77,000 empathy throughclicks on headline events across education, art andsocial media platformsaction.101 virtual events4000registrants worldwide from 56 countries8 9'